A Place for Me to Create #createaspace

I’m in need of a space, a place where I can go and know that it is mine to create what I wish to create. I know I want a place that is perfectly representative of me and my colorful self. Herein lies my issue:

1. I am eclectic.
2. I am colorful.
3. I don’t know where to start.

Have you ever gone to Pinterest and felt overwhelmed by the multitude of ideas that are there? It is astounding and a bit disconcerting to say the least.

Here are some of the things that I’ve found where I like something that I see, but don’t think it’s exactly me:

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Since I am so eclectic and colorful, I need my office area or creative space to be the essential space that taps into both aspects of me. It also has to give me the room that I need to allow me the freedom to move about. What I don’t want is a place that I’m unable to feel comfortable enough to make a mess in or appears the area isn’t inviting.

A couple of these have potential but have the look of “serious business” happening in their spaces:


I don’t know.I think I might table this and return to it when my “writing bug” dissipates a bit. For now, I sit on my bed in my room and allow my characters to use me in the best way they possibly could.


**From the journal of a clustered mind.**

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