#SuspenseFilled An Overactive Creative Mind #Holiday

I didn’t think it would be possible for me to have more ideas than I had time to develop them. I am happy to say that I was absolutely one hundred percent wrong. The ideas are coming in waves and I am riding them out like a good, little writer should. It is weird to know that I am an author. I mean I was one before the publishing happened and all. It’s now a reality. I have work that I pounded the keys to complete and is available to be purchased. How awesome is that?

Now, I get to add some novellas to the mix and I want to dance in the streets. Fully clothed, of course. Maybe not. You never know. I have two novellas that I am planning to release next month just in time for Christmas. The first is the suspense novella and the second is a somewhat romantic suspense novella.

Sebastian Winters and Eric Pierson promise to give readers more than what they bargained for. The ladies that occupy their time aren’t slouches either.

Each introduces characters that will have their full-length novels released during the 2017. Expect them both December 15th. 

The first: 


Whet your murderous appetite as Sebastian wets his. I am a man of many moods. One that is wickedly desirable and gives insurmountable pleasure. Most don’t know the man playing conductor to some of the most sought after performances to hit the stage. Being the creative mind behind the magnanimous pieces that have been said touch people in places they never knew they could be touched by music isn’t enough. My creative outlet needs to be expanded. Why not fill my hours with sex, lies and a touch of murder?

The last holiday bells to be rung

                                                 will be those belonging to Sebastian.

The second: 


Christmas is supposed to be about love, support, giving, gifting, and—most of all—family.

The Piersons have decided to come together to celebrate. The goal is to ignore the lives of each of the Pierson siblings while not dealing with the heavy loss they’ve recently suffered. A few things present themselves that promise to destroy any chance of pulling of Eric Pierson’s surprise for his girlfriend, Lorna Horner. The major catastrophe waiting to destroy everything he’s been working for comes in the form of an ex-girlfriend, Serenity McAdams has something to share that is sure to make proposing to Lorna an impossibility.

What else can go wrong this holiday season?








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