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I didn’t think it would be possible for me to have more ideas than I had time to develop them. I am happy to say that I was absolutely one hundred percent wrong. The ideas are coming in waves and I am riding them out like a good, little writer should. It is weird to know that I am an author. I mean I was one before the publishing happened and all. It’s now a reality. I have work that I pounded the keys to complete and is available to be purchased. How awesome is that?

Now, I get to add some novellas to the mix and I want to dance in the streets. Fully clothed, of course. Maybe not. You never know. I have two novellas that I am planning to release next month just in time for Christmas. The first is the suspense novella and the second is a somewhat romantic suspense novella.

Sebastian Winters and Eric Pierson promise to give readers more than what they bargained for. The ladies that occupy their time aren’t slouches either.

Each introduces characters that will have their full-length novels released during the 2017. Expect them both December 15th. 

The first: 


Whet your murderous appetite as Sebastian wets his. I am a man of many moods. One that is wickedly desirable and gives insurmountable pleasure. Most don’t know the man playing conductor to some of the most sought after performances to hit the stage. Being the creative mind behind the magnanimous pieces that have been said touch people in places they never knew they could be touched by music isn’t enough. My creative outlet needs to be expanded. Why not fill my hours with sex, lies and a touch of murder?

The last holiday bells to be rung

                                                 will be those belonging to Sebastian.

The second: 


Christmas is supposed to be about love, support, giving, gifting, and—most of all—family.

The Piersons have decided to come together to celebrate. The goal is to ignore the lives of each of the Pierson siblings while not dealing with the heavy loss they’ve recently suffered. A few things present themselves that promise to destroy any chance of pulling of Eric Pierson’s surprise for his girlfriend, Lorna Horner. The major catastrophe waiting to destroy everything he’s been working for comes in the form of an ex-girlfriend, Serenity McAdams has something to share that is sure to make proposing to Lorna an impossibility.

What else can go wrong this holiday season?








#GiddyFool I am a PUBLISHED Author #Giveaway


As of midnight November 18th, Rose Silverstone is a PUBLISHED author. 

Title: Breathe: Clarissa

Series: The Pierson Twin Duet

Release Date: November 18, 2016

Genre: Romantic Suspense



Catch your breath as Clarissa learns to control hers. It’s the first thing she should learn to control then maybe she’ll get a handle on everything else in her life.

Life is funny. It sure has a funny way of showing an individual what type of person they truly are. Hmm, life shows a person all of the signs of their weaknesses and sometimes throws them up in their face while beating them down.
In my case, it wasn’t so much … life. It was the guy in my world. It was the man that I’d chosen to give my body and heart to. At one time, I believed he was absolutely perfect and practically walked on water. I won’t dwell on that now. I’ll come back to it later. I want to share how I got to the point of fighting for every breath before learning how to breathe.
I’m Clarissa Pierson. I’m twenty-four years old, the “good” twin and this is my story.

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“Your turn. Best idiotic thing someone has ever asked you when they learn what you do for a living.”

“Riss, is this what we’re really going to do tonight? I mean, it’s great catching up and hanging out, but I’m sensing something’s off. This feels forced. The only time it has ever felt that way with us was when …”

“One or both of us was overcompensating. I know. I … I just wanted a glimpse. It’s what I’ve always expected us to be.”

“What do you mean by ‘us?’ Have you been …” He pauses and sits up straighter before continuing. “Tell me what you mean.”

Nathaniel’s features are a canvas of emotion. The prominent one is hope and I want to keep it steadily in place. The problem is I can’t do that.

“Friends. I’ve missed us as … friends.”

The hope morphs to disappointment and I turn away. Averting my gaze means I’m not focusing on the pain I’m causing him. I don’t need to see it to know it is there. I’ve recognized the looks. I’ve seen the desire. I know it well because it is reflected back at me in my mirror when I think of him. I’m not in a space where he’s even a possibility for me.

“Bull … shit! You don’t fool me.” He’s out of his chair and around the table before I can turn to see what he’s doing. “I’m not letting you drive any longer, Clarissa. I’m having what’s rightfully mine tonight. Screw the rest. This is ours.”

His lips are crashing into mine before I’m able to formulate a response. I’m in his arms and being carried to the couch bed as he reacquaints himself with the feel of my lips. Our tongues dance and I can think of no reason to pull away from this man. We don’t pull apart as we strip each other. I’m beyond thrilled to know that neither of us is wearing something that needs to go over either of our heads.


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#ComingSoon A Silverstone Gem


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I’m so excited to have an opportunity to expand my writing chops. My first book is due to release on November 18th. This means I have 13 days before my book releases!

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If you’re interested in giving my work a read before release, please send me a message and I will be more than willing to offer up some copies to rabid readers. 

Here’s the trailer: Breathe Clarissa Trailer

#chances Second Chances

On this Saturday morning, I awaken and feel the need to talk about chances. I don’t know why. It’s just there asking me to give my thoughts on the subject. This running thought is much like the persistent characters in my books. It’s not going away.

Back to the subject at hand. I’ve found some quotes to assist me visually with this topic.

I am all for giving a person an opportunity to redeem themselves. My thought in allowing for the next chance is to guard the heart. If something has happened, it usually takes an affect on a person.  The heart is a strong yet fragile organ. We have to take care of it.

In the end, do what’s right for you and yours.

In matters of picking ones self up and dusting yourself off to start over, by all means do what is necessary to never give up.  I would feel like the worst kind of heel if I gave up on myself. There are so many things that I would be missing iut on in life, in general. 

I wake every morning renewed. I feel a renewal of hope, strength, and encouragement.  It’s an every day battle to maintain it. Let’s face it and call a spade a spade. Life is damn hard. It’s work to get ahead. Not just pound the pavement hard but working the faith hard.

I’m not talking about something religious either. Although, I believe that helps. No, I mean having a lot of faith in yourself.  If you don’t believe in yourself and all that you have to offer then who in the world will. We are our own best motivators and worst critics.

Thought/Homework: For every negative thought you have about your life, living situation,  relationships, and/or your body, think of a positive one. Write it down if necessary.  Build on the positive and see if that doesn’t make you feel better about everything. 

Taking a moment today to build on my positives, how about you?

#GuiltyPleasure To Sweet or Not to Sweet …

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Like most people, I have moments where I have an insane need for something to stave off my hankering for something to snack on. The above slideshow only showcases some of my favorite guilty pleasure items. Have you ever had a need for something or a taste for something so strong that your senses overload you with the very essence of it?

Have you ever had a need for something or a taste for something so strong that your senses overload you with the very essence of it?

If you haven’t, then count yourself as one of the fortunate individuals on the planet.

I’m not one of those fortunate individuals. I’ve suffered endlessly from significantly GRANDios sweet tooth cravings for years.


Herein lies my issue (s): how do you steer clear of these things when you know they aren’t any good for you?

Answer: You don’t.


I refuse to be the one to say that I am going to ever give up giving in to my “guilty pleasures.” The longest I’ve ever lasted without giving in is three days. My usual rule is if I crave it after two days, then I give myself permission to have it.


If you want to get my highly upset then tell me that I need to let go of the sweets forever. There might just be an epic battle that ensues afterward.

With that being said, to sweet or not to sweet? Is that even a question?

#Time More Hours Please

Infinity time spiral 15267876

I oftentimes say, “I wish I had more hours in the day.” What am I really saying? What is it that I’m really asking for?

The more I think about it the more it dawns on me that maybe more hours isn’t exactly what I need in my life. Maybe, what I need is a better way to allocate the time that I have.

Nah! I just need MORE HOURS PLEASE!


Most people try to jam so much into the few hours that we have in a day that they are beyond overwhelmed. I look at a computer screen all day then turn around and come home to look at another. In most cases, I fall asleep looking at some type of screen. As much as this may exhaust me, it excites me as well.

Why? The screen time during the day time is to ensure my family has what they need to survive. The screen time at home is to make sure I have everything I need to survive.

What do I mean?

I am sure that the firs part of that statement is pretty clear.The second might not be as obvious. When I’m home, I put on my writer hat and take care of the business I need to attend to in order for me to continue to be the author I so want to be. I am either responding to emails, reviewing messages, or working on a manuscript. the screen I look at before I fall asleep is the one that allows me to be the avid reader that I am or the home viewer I choose to be.


These things are necessary for my sanity. It allows me the “break” I need in order for me to get up the next day and start this crazy ride all over again.

Maybe I don’t need more hours in the day. I think this balance thing might just be working out for me.

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**From the journal of a clustered mind.**

#BigChanges My Something New


Something new for me this week/month/year is finding a new space in the big state of Texas. I’ve recently moved to Houston. I know. If you follow me on Facebook it states this has been my home. I knew this was coming so I decided to have my settings already set up with my new hometown.


Let me just start this by saying: HOT DAMN! I don’t know if any of my readers have ever crossed from Louisiana into Texas via automobile. If you’ve never done it, I recommend doing so. There is a bridge that is scary as hell but amazingly beautiful at night to take in. (I suck because I don’t recall the name of the thing.)

This is a joy to learn how to navigate.

Ha! I figured it out. Aren Cambre is the name of the bridge. (picture below) I’m  so excited to be here. My brain is not fully functional because I’m still adjusting to the area, heat, and time difference. It’s only an hour, but even sixty minutes has the ability to affect your well-being. New hometown, new job, and new adventures as I try to get everything in order. Goodness gracious, the things that I need to handle.

My thoughts were that I was on some form of roller coaster

Along with the newness of this place is the book that is soon to be released. Here is the cover, a teaser, and an excerpt from my upcoming November release.


Preorder your copy

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My answers would come in the form of a phone call from my mother of all people.

“Hey Mom, how’s it going?”

“Oh good. I was hoping I didn’t call too late or wake the boys.”

“Congrats. You caught me in a rare moment of quiet.”

“Ah! I won’t keep you long because I recall all too well how few and far between those moments are. As a mother, you tend to cherish every second of them.”

I chuckled, “That’s exactly it. To what do I owe this call?”

“I had the strangest … visit today.”

“You did? From who?”

Never in a million years did I ever expect her to mention the name that she did.

“Nathaniel Porter. He surprised us with a rare visit and a bottle of wine. He just arrived back from a trip to Italy. Did you know that he’d gone there? He mentioned seeing you in Savannah a few months ago.”

Every part of my body felt as if it seized and locked in place. My hope was that nothing was said that would make my mother suspicious. I should’ve known my … Nathaniel was better than that.

“We did see each other.”

“I can’t believe that you were so close and didn’t make a trip to see your parents. I miss my other daughter. It’s not fair that Marilynn gets to spend so much time with our grandchildren. I want them to know me just as much as they know her.”

I hoped I could keep my mother on the subject of the little competition that she had going with Theodore’s mother. I just needed to be on the phone long enough to appease my mother’s need to keep in touch with all of her children and make a quick excuse as to why I couldn’t remain on the phone.

After about five minutes of reassurance that she’d see her grandchildren soon, I prepped to end the call when Nathaniel was brought up again.

“I was surprised to find out that Nate didn’t have the correct phone number for you. As close as you two have always been, I would think he would be one of the few that had every way to contact you at the touch of a screen.”

I clearly heard her unspoken question, but didn’t respond to it. Instead, I waited.

“Hmm. You’re quiet. Is there something going on that I need to know about? He said you’d left a bag of yours with him and he’d wanted to get it to you. If that weren’t odd enough, he appeared taken aback when I mentioned Theodore. The man seemed genuinely perplexed when I asked if your husband had been there on business or not. I actually had to say the words, ‘Theo is Clare’s husband.’ The devastation on that man’s face told me that there was more to the story than met the eye. Now, I ask again. Is there something that I need to be made aware of?”

This is why I have stated on countless occasions that mothers should automatically be given detective badges upon giving birth. My mother is a human lie detector and can sniff out misdirection better than anyone I know. Even with her skills, I find myself fighting the urge to spill my guts. I don’t want to discuss this. It’s too much. It’s more than I want to deal with right now.

The handle of the door twisting saves me from having to respond. I know who’s on the other side and I’ve never been so happy to hear that my husband is home in the entirely of our short marriage.

“Mom, I have to go. Theo is home. We’ll talk soon. I love you.”

I hear my mother’s tsk as clear as if she were standing directly in front of me.

“I’m going to go now, but know that I will be calling again soon and you will tell me what’s going on. Know that I know something’s not right, young lady.”

I’m beyond glad that I’m not in front of her. Those two words tacked on at the end would get me to sing like a canary. Until I get a handle on things, I don’t need to talk to anyone about what my feelings may or may not be for Nathaniel Porter.

“Mrs. Taylor, I’m home. Where are you and my babies?”

I hear Theo call from the foyer and turn in the chair that I’ve been parked in since I first entered the library.

“Mom, I’m going to go. I don’t like to be busy when Theo arrives home. He usually has a million things he wants to share with me.”

“Oh, all right. Fine. Go. I’ll call tomorrow.”

There’s a call I’ll be dreading, but know I will answer when she calls. I also know that the call will come tomorrow. She won’t be ignored and I’m unable to decline a call from her.

If only I could follow through with some of the hopes that floated through my brain, I would be so much happier.


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**From the journal of a clustered mind.**


The Windows that slay me #colorfuleyes

I am a very visual person. I have always been. I’m the type of author that uses my imagination along with visual references. The problem is I tend to get caught up in my research and have to remind myself where I was in my story. Why am I writing about this? Of course, this just happened to me. I am supposed to be putting together a character description for a story that I’m working on and I am being swept away by the beauty of some of the eyes that I am coming across.

I have these for the males that could easily cause a woman to overheat:

(Yes. I know there is a certain set of eyes posted twice. Aren’t they pretty.**pauses for a moment to take in the sights.)

Anyway, these are the females that could tempt a saint with their peepers:

Now, all I have to do is get my mind back on the story at hand and the character I was supposed be working on. I might feel like I’ve accomplished more than just this post.


**From the journal of a clustered mind.**

** Cover Reveal ** Undeniable – Callie Harper — Lost In Sweet Words

Title: Undeniable Series: Beg for It (Standalone) Author: Callie Harper Genre: Hot Contemporary Romance Cover Design: Perfect Pear Creative Release Date: October 24, 2016 Blurb Undeniable (Dom & Gigi)Dom’s the one she couldn’t have. Gigi’s the one he couldn’t forget. They haven’t seen each other for four years. He’s been serving in the Special […]

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