#Time More Hours Please

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I oftentimes say, “I wish I had more hours in the day.” What am I really saying? What is it that I’m really asking for?

The more I think about it the more it dawns on me that maybe more hours isn’t exactly what I need in my life. Maybe, what I need is a better way to allocate the time that I have.

Nah! I just need MORE HOURS PLEASE!


Most people try to jam so much into the few hours that we have in a day that they are beyond overwhelmed. I look at a computer screen all day then turn around and come home to look at another. In most cases, I fall asleep looking at some type of screen. As much as this may exhaust me, it excites me as well.

Why? The screen time during the day time is to ensure my family has what they need to survive. The screen time at home is to make sure I have everything I need to survive.

What do I mean?

I am sure that the firs part of that statement is pretty clear.The second might not be as obvious. When I’m home, I put on my writer hat and take care of the business I need to attend to in order for me to continue to be the author I so want to be. I am either responding to emails, reviewing messages, or working on a manuscript. the screen I look at before I fall asleep is the one that allows me to be the avid reader that I am or the home viewer I choose to be.


These things are necessary for my sanity. It allows me the “break” I need in order for me to get up the next day and start this crazy ride all over again.

Maybe I don’t need more hours in the day. I think this balance thing might just be working out for me.

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**From the journal of a clustered mind.**